• Founded in 1985

    Founded in 1985, but officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2017, we are a food processing and packaging company with a focus on making available and accessible some of Nigeria’s local foods to our global consumers. One of our major products is Ukwa (African Breadfruit). It comes in both its original state, and as a solid food and cereal. Our innovative approaches to some of Nigeria’s local foods has earned our founder and our company awards and recognition in the entrepreneurship space in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Our team is made up of innovative and creative men and women with a passion to delivering healthy food products to our consumers. Each member of our team is conscious of the fact that ‘the future of Africa is food’, and so we are tagged ‘Africa’s no.1 go-to company for processed local foods.

  • We aim for the goal!

    Our VISION is to stand out in the food processing industry with all of our niched, healthy food products, contributing to the health and development of our community.

  • We know the path

    We do this by leveraging every possible sales channel like our distributors in Scotland, London, United States of America, Lagos, Anambra, Kano, Port-Harcourt Nigeria, Hotels and Malls, the internet, to drive our sales and educate consumers on the why, and the importance of sticking with our brand of products.

  • We are driven by our core values

    • Health consciousness
    • Commitment
    • Social responsibility
    • Collaboration
    • Customer-centric
    • Quality products
    • Team building

Who are behind Phronesis Foods?

Chichi Eriobu

Chichi Eriobu

Founder, Head of Sales and Marketing
Osho Ademola Joel

Osho Ademola Joel

Business Support Manager
Victor Ebhotemhen

Victor Ebhotemhen

Finance/Account Manager